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Mission and Vision Statement >>

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to:

1) increase knowledge and understanding of local, state, and national history with an emphasis on the democratic principles of freedom, justice, and equality;

2) enhance skills for teaching history through diverse perspectives, as well as for teaching historical thinking processes and historical writing skills; and

3) create a collaborative culture in the region by creating study groups, building a cadre of teacher leaders for peer-to-peer professional development, and instituting school-museum partnerships.

Vision Statement:

Turning Points’ vision is that by the end of the grant’s term all history educators in Vermont will be:

1) revealing to their students the full breadth and depth of American history from multiple perspectives;

2) infusing the methods of reading-to-discuss and writing-to-learn history into their curriculum; and

3) be active participants in teacher-driven professional development programming in American history, which models best practices and maintains strong partnerships with local museums to meet their students’ needs.