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Although Turning Points offers a variety of professional development opportunities, we understand that the program cannot meet every educator’s needs. Therefore, small grants of up to $500 are available to educators who have
1) attended at least 40 hours of programming and
2) identified activities to enhance their skills or knowledge not available in Turning Points’ programming.

These grants are intended to be an extension of learning beyond the experiences offered by Turning Points’ programs. Applications will be reviewed by Turning Points’ Advisory Committee four times annually. Approximately five awards will be granted each year that demonstrate a focus in improving American history content knowledge and pedagogy. Teachers receiving grants will write lesson plans or content articles connected to their American history curricula and professional development activity and are due within 60 days after the completion of the activity. These products will be juried by Turning Points’ project historian and co-directors for placement on the program’s website.

Grant applications are accepted year-round. The Advisory Committee will review your proposal after submission. Turning Points will contact you as to the success of your application when a decision has been made. If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grant Criteria:
1. All applicants must have attended at least 40 hours of Turning Points’ programming prior to applying for a grant.

2. No more than one grant will be awarded per person during a 12 month period. This is calculated from the date of application of the previous grant.

3. The Committee will fund:
• Academic courses
• Conferences, workshops, seminars, or other training opportunities
• Historical research projects
• Unit or lesson plan development
• Internship opportunities

4. The Committee will NOT fund:
• Classroom resources or equipment
• Computer hardware or software
• Electronics
• Journals
• Memberships to associations or organizations

5. Documentation of all projected expenses is to be included in the grant application.

6. Cost sharing is not necessary to receive a grant; however, cost sharing with other professional development funds and personal funds is highly recommended and given favor.

7. Retroactive reimbursements will not be considered.

8. If expenses exceed the award, the difference will not be covered by the grant.