Turning Points in American History - Welcome Podcast

Turning Points in American History: Knowledge, Understanding, and Perspectives
is a federally-funded professional development program for pre-service and in-service educators throughout Vermont. The program’s approach is to allow American history educators to build their own professional development from educational program options offered throughout the year.

These FREE activities provide participants with:

1. breadth and depth to historical content knowledge;
2. innovative and effective models for teaching history; and
3. potential long-term collaborations among history educators, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions.

As our subtitle implies, the program is founded on three principles:

Knowledge does not come from memorization but from discovering what happened through observations and reasoning.

Understanding is not simple comprehension, but is the power to make the past intelligible and to apply its principles to our lives today.

Perspectives on historic events are plural and complex; history is interpreted through the diverse peoples who participated in the events of the past as well as through the predispositions of those in the present.

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"It is noble to teach oneself,
but still nobler to teach others -- and less trouble"
- Mark Twain